Bona Postulata

Bona Postulata is Latin and means "good conditions". The Bona Postulata award is a prestigious local business award that wants to encourage companies based in Uppsala county with strong growth potential. It can be both smaller and larger company. It is the growth potential that determines. Behind the prize are 18 well-known companies and business organizations in the county.


I was asked by the board group for Bona Postulata to develop a new design for their program for Bona Postulata's awards ceremony. I presented a design solution and a completely new design language that would still work with their current logo but at the same time breathe more "award-giving" but at the same time be functional. A simple and clear front page with a fresh new typography, and on the back it got a subtle year print of 2017 (2018, 2019, etc.) which made the program feel exclusive indepenetly if it was carried with front- or backside forward.  As soon as you opened the first page you easily get an overview of the first speakers and the program, open up completely and you get a clear overview of all the speakers.


Bona Postulata board group was very pleased with results and the guests thought it was very stylish and fitting, the design language became recognizable, which resulted in the design of the program being used every year since then without any adjustments of the design, which was especially fun since my ambition is always to create a timeless design that will be used years to come.

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