Stiftelsen Hjärtat

Cardiovascular Research lays the foundation for better care for patients with heart disease. But to conduct world class research requires a lot of resources. Sweden's largest cardiac clinic(Danderyds Sjukhus) needs your help to bring in more donations to its vital research! Develop a graphic profile, web manner, tonality and for Stiftelsen Hjärtat(Fundraising Foundation Heart).


With an enormous respect for Stiftelsen Hjärtats work which is done entirely non-profit and also their great passion for research, laid the ground for the tonality by itself : Commitment, pedagogic, humane. Based on the tonality a graphic profile was developed consisting of the red and the blue, which is simplified veins and arteries (oxygenated and deoxygenated blood). We also developed a system for which included a characteristic vertical  a header to clarify the message or expose word of values.

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